VIDAL SASSOON Beverly Hills 1970-1984
Cutting, ArtisticArtisticDirector, Artistic Team

VIDAL SASSOON London, England 1976-1984
Study in color, Annie Humphreys

CHRISTIAN DIOR Paris, France 1980-1989
Study in Make Up and Design

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Paris, France 1980-1982
Study in Shape and Form in Finish work

TREVOR SORBE London 1983 line cutting mastery

BERNARD DALY Beverly Hills 1985 study in method

GENE SHACOVE Beverly Hills 1985 free form cut and style

JOHN SAHAG New York 1989-1990

UMBERTO Beverly Hills Europe return #4 1992- 1994
CRISTOPHE Beverly Hills 1994-2008

PLATINUMBLACK INC. is born and “the art of making” 2009

PLATINUMBLACK SALON Brentwood 2010-2019

PLATINUMBLACK Westwood, LA. 2019-present

...he was 17, Michael auditioned for Vidal Sassoon and was hired as the youngest stylist to...Read More